An overview of our maintenance services

Spring Clean Up (mid to late March)

  • re-edge all beds with a spade edge
  • clean out debris and leaves from the winter
  • structural pruning on shrubs (that specifically require spring pruning)
  • fertilization of shrubs, ornamental trees and perennials
  • edging tree rings and removal of old mulch where required
  • mulching all planting beds and tree rings using triple shredded hardwood mulch (approximately 2 inches thick)
  • application of pre-emergent (optional)

 Aeration and Over seeding (early April)

  • sprinkler system heads are identified and flagged
  • shallow wires and utilities are identified and marked
  • a core aerator is run over the property pulling plugs of soil out of the ground that are approximately 1 inch deep
  • a proper blend of grass seed is identified and applied based on light and soil conditions
  • focus on areas around the house and spaces where people gather

 Mowing (early April to late November / early December)

  • approximately 30 mowing visits per season
  • string trimming around fencing, planting bed edges, tree circles and miscellaneous structures
  • backpack blowing driveway, walkways, grass clippings that make it into the planting beds and  patio areas
  • mower heights are set between three and a half to four inches to insure moisture retention and weed control

 Weeding (early April to late November / to early December)

  • approximately 30 weeding visits per season
  • identification of perennials (vs weeds)
  • pulling weeds by the roots
  • off site disposal of weeds
  • dead heading of perennials and shrubs

 Turf Fertilization (late September to late December)

  • late September turf fertilization
  • mid November turf fertilization
  • late December turf fertilization

 Fall Leaf Removal (late November to late December)

  • removal of leaves in planting beds and lawn areas in late November (1 visit)
  • removal of leaves in planting beds and lawn areas in late December (1 visit)
  • off site disposal of leaves

 Fall Clean Up (December)

  • structural pruning of shrubs and ornamental trees that require fall pruning
  • cutting back of perennials to put them to bed for the winter
  • fertilization of shrubs, perennials and ornamental trees to build up carbs for the next growing season
  • refresh or fluff up mulch where necessary
  • tidy up edges where necessary

Enjoy your garden (January thru December)