Sustainable Landscape Design Helps in Wild Weather

Sustainable landscape design can help your property look great through drought or heavy rain

In a recent article in The Washington Post real estate section (May 28 2016), "Realigning Liquid Assets," Brenda Richardson writes how a few adjustments to your landscape can help prevent erosion, soak up rainwater, and help your yard to look good even in rough weather. The heavy rains from summer storms can really tear up a yard, sending your plants, rocks and soil down the street. Richardson suggests you can make adjustments incrementally to avoid a huge landscape overhaul that your budget may not allow.

"Sustainable design is the hottest trend for residential landscapes according to a recent survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects ... harvesting rainwater and greywater took the top spot ... also popular are native and drought-tolerant plants, permeable paving, rain gardens, low maintenance landscapes and water-efficient irrigation." -- Brenda Richardson

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