Getting to know the team behind Wildwood

We love to garden ...

Jason Dengler

Postion: Owner, Landscape Designer

Home: Purcellville, Virginia

In 2005, after a fifteen year culmination of professional and educational experiences, I knew the time was right to begin Wildwood Landscape. My first job involved designing promotional displays for newly-released record albums which enabled me to hone my artistry and drawing skills. After working several years for the record industry, I began working at a local vineyard maintaining the grapes and learning about horticulture. It is here that my excitement for plants grew. I decided to blend my passion for art and horticultural and went to work for a small landscape design and construction firm. It wasnʼt, however, until I learned the business from the ground up; working several years as a laborer and foreman before I began designing landscapes. I worked as a landscape designer and project manager for eleven years and won several design awards during my tenure. During this time, I also enrolled in the George Washington University Landscape design program to supplement my on-the-job experience. I enjoy the challenges of running a small business and take exceptional pride in the work that our team members puts forth everyday. I live with my wife and son in Purcellville and in my spare time I enjoy playing stringed instruments, drawing and spending time with my family.

Mark Burgess

Position: Business Operations Manager

Home: Hamilton, Virginia

How did you find your way into landscaping / gardening? I saw Wildwood’s exhibits at the Leesburg Flower and Garden show over the past two years and immediately recognized an intangible quality to Jason’s design as well as an overall quality to the company’s product. When the position for business systems manager became available, and after hearing Jason’s vision for Wildwood, I decided to join the team.

What experience and skills do you bring to the team? Several years in business operations, working for both small and larger, global telecommunications companies. I also bring a strong financial background to the team as a CPA with several years’ experience in public accounting.

Why is gardening important to you? I like being outdoors. I like outdoor spaces.

Polly Ahalt

Position: Account Manager, Recurring Services

Home: South of Purcellville, VA where my family has lived for more than 100 years

How did you find your way into landscaping/gardening? As a child my grandmother allowed me to explore the woods on our family farm for endless hours (only after she taught me what not to touch!).  My only task was to return when she rang the dinner bell, with my bag full of different leaves, prickly gum balls, seed pods and what have you. We would then identify what I found in our field guide. Sometimes put the leaves between the pages of big books and make posters with their botanical names after they dried. Cutting flowers in the early summer mornings, watering her beautiful perennial gardens. The best memories of my childhood. It was my grandmother who planted the seeds in me to grow my love of horticulture and nature.

What experience and skills do you bring to the team?  I bring 22 years of field experience to the team here at wildwood. I spent about 15 years working the supply side of the industry, in garden centers, learning all that I could about plants and how to take care of them. In 2007, I switched gears and came to work here at Wildwood.

Why is gardening important to you? Anything that I can plant, nurture, watch grow and take care of bring me joy. This includes plants, my children and small companies!

Jonathan Fickling

Position: Project Manager

Home: Linden, Virginia

How did you find your way into landscaping/gardening? I found my way into  landscaping and gardening accidentally. I needed a job when I was 17 and apprenticed with a mason.  I soon realized that I loved to work with my hands, helping others realize their garden/landscape dreams with custom masonry construction.

What experience and skills do you bring to the team? I bring over 27 years of field experience in masonry construction.

Why is gardening important to you? Gardening is important to me because I feel it enhances our enjoyment of life. Also gardening is a great stress reliever.